MEDICINE PARK, OK – After several years of working closely with Hilliary Communications through joint networks and consulting, Adam Cavazos recently accepted an offer to join the fast-growing telecommunications company as Chief Technology Officer.

Cavazos is attracted to the Hilliary’s commitment to their customers.

“They are offering big city services to small town rural America,” he said. “The Hilliary’s have always had a lot of loyalty to their home base and they are very interested in being able to upgrade and deliver high bandwidth and services to all their rural customers.”

Expansion is foremost on Cavazos’ mind.

“I want to be able to collaborate with the ownership and help grow the company technology-wise, as well as network-wise. What it amounts to is being able to take today’s network and build it for tomorrow’s solutions,” he said. “My goal is to take the Hilliary’s vision and expand on it from the technical side.”

Cavazos began his telecommunications career in Cheyenne almost 40 years ago. He also studied business administration at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford.

Prior to his employment with Hilliary Communications, he worked as Vice President of Network Systems and Engineering at Dobson Technologies and also was self-employed as a consultant.
He jokes about his “old school” mentality and building his career through OJT (on-the-job training). His career experience includes the plant side – construction, installation, repair and fiber optic – and also the technology side, which includes engineering on all platforms.

Cavazos is serious, however, when it comes to how he wants to contribute to Hilliary Communications’ growth as a community service provider.

“Looking to the future, in essence, we want to give customers the key to the car. We want them to drive what services they want. The customers’ services can be what they want it to be. We want the Hilliary network to be more dynamic and even more customer-oriented,” he said.

HILLIARY COMMUNICATIONS: Hilliary Communications operates four ILEC properties (two in Oklahoma and two in North Texas) and a CLEC in Oklahoma. Hilliary delivers phone, internet and TV to more than 7,000 subscribers in Oklahoma and North Texas, operating in excess of 900 route miles of fiber providing transport services. At present, Hilliary Communications is deploying a new FTTH system to 8,000 new homes in Central Oklahoma.


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