MEDICINE PARK, OKLA. (April 13, 2022) – Hilliary Communications, a leading communications company serving customers in Oklahoma, Texas and Iowa, has announced plans to build fiber internet infrastructure in Geronimo, Oklahoma.

The project will provide homes and businesses across Geronimo with cutting-edge broadband internet technology.

“Hilliary Communications is eager to begin work on our latest project offering customers in Geronimo with one of the fastest and most reliable internet services on the market,” said Dustin Hilliary, managing partner of Hilliary Communications. “Serving rural communities has been at the core of our family-owned company from its very beginning, and we’re pleased to honor that legacy by bringing fiber internet to rural Oklahomans in Geronimo.”

“Reliable, high-speed internet is essential to ensuring continued growth and opportunities in our rural communities, and helps brings the global marketplace to your doorstep,” said Rep. Trey Caldwell, R-Lawton. “I appreciate Hilliary Communications’ work to expand fiber internet to Geronimo, and rural Oklahoma in general.”

Construction on the project is set to begin in the coming months with completion expected by spring 2023. The expansion in Geronimo is one of the latest projects in Hilliary Communications’ continued efforts to deploy broadband infrastructure in rural communities across Oklahoma, Texas and Iowa.

About Hilliary Communications

Hilliary Communications delivers the latest cutting-edge communications services supporting tens of thousands of customers across 22 counties throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Iowa. The company offers internet, voice and HilliaryTV. Hilliary Communications continuously researches the marketplace for innovations and strives to improve underserved areas, offering services that exceed customer expectations.


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