Hilliary TV FAQ’s

Can I get HilliaryTV?
HilliaryTV is an awesome service available to fiber Internet and cable customers with 10 Mbps or faster Internet.

How does HilliaryTV work?
HilliaryTV is a full featured, streaming TV app that you download and install on your favorite streaming media devices including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android. You can access your subscription through the HilliaryTV app that runs on your streaming device.

What features are included?
HilliaryTV is packed with free features you’re going to love! Your subscription includes free HD and 50 hours of cloud DVR. You’ll also receive Replay TV and Restart TV and can pause and rewind live TV!

How do I sign up for HilliaryTV?
It’s easy to sign up for HilliaryTV. Simply call Hilliary Communications at 580-529-5000 or visit your local store.

How do I get my username and password?
If you are not currently a customer, call Hilliary Communications at 580-529-5000 or visit your local store to sign up and receive your username and password. Already a customer? Sign in here.

Can I get assistance with installation?
HilliaryTV is super easy to self-install as it’s an app you just add to your favorite streaming device. We also can provide set – top boxes for customers who do not have a streaming device. For support, you can call Hilliary Communications at 580-529-5000 or read our install FAQ questions for tips.

Which devices can I use to watch HilliaryTV?
HilliaryTV can be streamed on an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV and a set – top box provided by Hilliary Communications.

Can I get HilliaryTV if I don’t have fiber Internet?

Does HilliaryTV have my local channels?
Yes. We carry all major national broadcast channels in all the areas we service.

How many Streams and hours of DVR recording do I get?
HilliaryTV includes 3 Streams to 3 different devices and 50 hours of Cloud DVR. For only $4.95 customers can add 4 extra streams and an additional 50 hours of DVR for $4.95. A minimum of 10 Mbps Internet is required. A faster speed may be needed if multiple streams will play at once.

How many devices can I watch on at the same time?
The number of devices you can watch on is the same as the number of streams available on your account. HilliaryTV includes 3 streams to 3 different devices. You may purchase 4 additional streams, for a total of 7 streams.  You can have 10 different devices on your account. If you need to log out of a device to utilize your stream on another device, navigate to the settings icon and log out. More info can be found here.

Do HilliaryTV customers still have access to use TV Everywhere?
Yes! TV Everywhere works the same as it does for digital TV customers today. The process for creating and using an account is the same. If you already have a TV Everywhere account, your login information will remain the same. For new TV Everywhere subscribers, simply follow these steps.

How do I connect via Apple TV?
Click here to view our instruction manual or visit Apple TV Support.

How do I connect via Amazon Fire TV?
Click here to view our instruction manual or visit Amazon Fire TV Support.

How do I connect via Android TV?
Click here to view our instruction manual or visit Android TV Support.

How do I tell what version of Amazon Fire TV Stick I have?
Simply look at the bottom of the device, and look at the FCC ID, Version 1 is 2ABDU-0509. This version of Fire Stick TV will not work with Hilliary TV.

How do I add the HilliaryTV app with my smartphone or tablet?
Click here to view our instruction manual.

How do I contact support?
Call 580-529-5000.

What if I forgot my username/password?
You may call 580-529-5000 for assistance or visit hilliarytv.hillcom.net and click “Forgot Password”.