MEDICINE PARK, OK –March 5, 2019- Happy customers and technology are two passions that have provided a solid career foundation for Hilliary Communications’ employee Jeremy Robbins. Combining the two enabled him to step up quickly from a Customer Service Representative to a Business Sales Specialist at the Oklahoma-based telecommunications company.

Robbins recently received the promotion after starting employment in April 2018.

“I wanted to work for Hilliary Communications because it is a local business that is growing fast. I’m from this area and saw all the Hilliary trucks and vehicles everywhere. It’s a small business that is expanding fast,” Robbins said.

His passion for making sure customers are happy began as a body shop repairman. After 15 years of shop work, Robbins moved into a more direct customer service position with Stanley Steamer and worked his way up to the Senior Tech spot.

Combining the telecommunications industry with his superior customer service skills came when he worked as a manager for multiple Cells-U-More locations in Oklahoma, including Lawton, Duncan, Chickasha and Elgin.

“I really enjoyed my position there,” Robbins said. “I left because the company closed down. I enjoyed helping customers and working with technology and, ultimately, just trying to make them happy. I enjoy trying to make a difference. Working here at Hilliary Communications feels right.”

Working in the community he lives in is also important to Robbins.

“With the other businesses I managed, I wasn’t part of the community. It was hard to reach out and be a part of it. In the position I am in now, I’m excited to be able to reach out and know the people I am offering services to,” he said. “I’m ready to get in the community and see where I can help.”

HILLIARY COMMUNICATIONS: Hilliary Communications operates four ILEC properties (two in Oklahoma and two in North Texas) and a CLEC in Oklahoma. Hilliary delivers phone, internet and TV to more than 7,000 subscribers in Oklahoma and North Texas, operating in excess of 900 route miles of fiber providing transport services. At present, Hilliary Communications is deploying a new FTTH system to 8,000 new homes in Central Oklahoma.


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