Adam Cavazos

Adam Cavazos

Chief Technology Officer/Senior Vice President

Industry Experience: 39 Tenure with Hilliary: 2

As Chief Technology Officer, Adam oversees the network operations and engineering for all Hilliary companies. In his leadership role, Adam leads a team of employees to expand, upgrade, monitor, and maintain the network. He provides high-level, key expertise to the heads of departments and employees and sets performance goals. Adam also conducts technical reviews of products and solutions to compare and evaluate their applicability. Further, he contributes to the senior management team by guiding strategic decisions and resource allocation and monitors the management of all hardware, software, databases, licenses, maintenance, and projections of future needs. Adam oversees technology strategies and ensures that processes meet expectations for federal, state, community privacy, and security procedures.

Before joining Hilliary, Adam was Vice President of Network Systems and Engineering for Dobson Technologies. He managed all technology engineering, design, operations, and maintenance of company-wide electronics. This involved 50+ dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM), reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM), ethernet nodes and 75-OC48/192 time division multiplexing (TDM), synchronous optical network (SONET), and nodes statewide network.

Adam grew up in Cheyenne, Oklahoma as one of 10 children. He started working with Dobson Communications right out of high school when he was 17 years of age. Throughout his 37 years with Dobson, he steadily advanced within the company and directly managed the complete design, development, and approval of the company’s network. Prior to joining Hilliary Communications, Adam worked as a contractor with Eddie and Dustin Hilliary. He liked the family-owned business atmosphere and home-grown success of the company.

Over the course of his career, Adam has been named to Who’s Who, has authored numerous articles on technical issues, and has received numerous professional awards and honors. Adam is also the owner/president of Blackout Network Solutions.

In his free time, Adam is passionate about the mission of Catholic Charities, Save the Children, and the Knights of Columbus. He started the Engineers for Children program and is active in Christmas charities and fundraising. Adam is also engaged with organizations that benefit the elderly, and he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.