Dacia N. Hilliary
Dacia Hilliary



Industry Experience: 19

Tenure with Hilliary: 19  

Dacia Hilliary was named as vice president of Human Resources for all Hilliary companies in 2019. Her duties include overseeing all hiring, coaching and disciplinary actions for the entire Hilliary staff. She prides herself on taking a hands-on approach with any issues that might arise with employees working for Hilliary Communications. 

Raised in the Lawton area, she graduated from Elgin High School in 2007, and attended Cameron University in Lawton. She enjoys working with people and creating an internal structure that benefits Hilliary employees. 

Dacia worked closely with the Executive team to design employee incentive plans and began the transformation of HR by upgrading talent and offering more value-added services and programs intended to align more closely to the company’s long-term needs. 

Today she manages recruitment, retention, mediation and termination procedures for Hilliary employees. 

In addition to her duties as HR vice president, Dacia is a member of the Oklahoma Telephone Association, the Lawton Business Women, the Society for Human Resource Management, and the Beautiful Day Foundation. Her goals are to help employees grow within the Hilliary companies, and she often helps direct the careers of unsung talent. 

Dacia volunteers at local schools within the Lawton, Medicine Park and Elgin area and is active in junior rodeo events. Her three daughters can be found on most weekends at rodeo events, where they compete in 18-and-under barrel racing and other events in junior rodeo.