Dean M. Pennello



Industry Experience: 40

Tenure with Hilliary: 17 

Dean Pennello is Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of all Hilliary companies and is responsible for producing financial reporting, cost studies, and providing oversight of independent audits. He has over 17 years of experience in the telecom sector and over 25 years in the banking industry. 

Dean leads the company in all accounting, tax-related issues from planning to preparation, regulatory oversight of governmental loan and audit programs (USDA, FCC, PUD), grant recipient reporting, and regulatory compliance. 

Dean also acts as a liaison for various outside professional services, including tax, CPA firms and other governmental agencies. Dean plays a fundamental role in strategic planning and implementation of the annual budget, project feasibility research, analysis, and preparation for capital expenditures. He often negotiates with industry vendors for equipment leasing, service contracts, and provider relations and acts as a liaison between various banks and other financing sources. Additionally, Dean handles the daily operations and logistics of 70+ employees, supervisors, directors, and senior executives and serves on the Board of Directors. 

Dean is an avid college football fan and can be found rooting for the Oklahoma Sooners on gameday Saturdays in the fall.