TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere!

Watch nearly 80 of your favorite channels on your smartphone, tablet or any other Wi-Fi device with free TV Everywhere from Hilliary Communications.
To start watching TV Everywhere, you will need your Hilliary Communications account number found on page 1 of your bill.
  1. Click on a network logo from the list below – you may be required to download the mobile app to your device of the selected network.
  2. If it’s your first time using TV Everywhere, you’ll be required to provide your Hilliary Communications account number from your Hilliary Communications bill and select Hilliary Communications as your TV provider.
  3. Then complete the required information. You may need to create a unique username and login for each individual network. The specifications will vary by network.
Please call 580-529-5000 or contact us online if you need assistance.

*Some networks may require you to download a mobile app to view content.

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